Someone telling you you’ve lost weight is, perhaps, less flattering than it could be when the person happens to be analytically prodding your belly flab whilst making this pronouncement.

Sounds about right…

This is pretty typical for my family.

IM message from my Mom:

Done!!!! I made a big batch of cookies to take to the cottage as well as my Dutch oven full of sausage soup, 2 doz. rolls, and dad made two loaves of bread!!! We’re also taking bacon for breakfasts.

My parents are going up to my cousins’ cottage for three days with Mom’s sisters and their husbands. So 10 people. All the women will be bringing at least that much food.

Yes, it’s 10 people, but they’re all retirees, not farm boys, and they’re not going to be spending their days jet-skiing and playing ultimate.

I’ll wager there’ll be at least half a dozen pies. ๐Ÿ™‚

Quite so.

Sherry sent me this link the other day: Cat turns into woman in P/Harcourt – 5 killed as cultists clash, which is a bit mind-boggling, any way you slice it.

However, even better, I think, was a line from the blog post of Neil Gaiman’s where she’d seen it:

It must be very interesting (or, in turn, quite dangerous) to live in a place where myth is still a living thing.

Something Neil could have said himself, really. Though I suspect he knows a great deal more about the subject than many of us.

Utterly fascinating to ponder, in any case. Especially if we remove the arrogance our western level of civilization wraps us in and consider that we’re part of that statement as well.

I mean, really, just look at the Stanley Cup Championships… ๐Ÿ™‚

France in pictures

Finally, the photos are done: France collection.

There are separate sets for Carcassonne, Alet Les Bains, Bรฉziers, Narbonne, Montpellier, and Nรฎmes.

Of course, I’m already behind Sherry, whose fine commentary you can get a head start on, but planning to scribble out as much of our travel tale this weekend as I can.

The corporate We

The other day I was talking to someone who made a reference to a company where she used to work. She hasn’t been there for a while, but she did work there over a decade. And she made a reference to “we”, i.e. the company and herself as a member of it, in the present tense.

I smiled at that, because I’ve done it myself. And I haven’t even worked anywhere over a decade. Hell, I’ve done it with regards to companies where I wasn’t even happy.

But some places, some people, some experiences, just stick with you more, I guess. Shape the Work You that you are now. Might or might not have anything to do with your favourite job, best boss, etc.

However, there are other jobs, other work environments, I have found, that you can shrug off as quickly and easily as a jacket. And it will mostly feel like you were never really there, never part of anything, except for a smudge of memory that could almost be second hand.

Perfume, cigarette smoke, and diesel exhaust

That’s what France smells like. ๐Ÿ™‚

Home, safe, sound, happy, tired. All the details fit to print to come, but for the mean time, the first batch of photos: Carcassonne.

Because you KNOW you needed to know what every square inch of the place looked like. ๐Ÿ™‚

Second article is up

The Hybrid Tech Worker: Must Have or Best Avoided?

For assorted reasons, I didn’t do any of the edits, nor is the title mine. (I don’t like it, but I have a feeling titles are a point Trevor and I will never agree on.) And while it was too long when I submitted the first draft, it’s a bit shorter than I’d like now.

However, it is done, posted, and makes its point, I think. (Also positively, my perspective on the issue/phenomenon evolved during the researching/writing, which is always a good thing.)

And, most importantly, Dan seems quite pleased about being minutely internet famous. ๐Ÿ™‚

And in any case, I don’t really have the time to ponder it too much, since I’m off to France. Back next weekend, mes cheris!

The one with the waggly tail

Over the last couple of months — presumably related to the snows finally melting — I’ve seen an increase in panhandlers around KW. Not surprising, really. It’s a pretty basic reaction to cold and bad weather to find somewhere to bunk down somewhere.

However, I’ve seen an increasing trend, something I’d only occasionally seen in the past. And that trend is dogs. In past years, sure, every now and then a panhandler would have a dog with them. But this year, most of the panhandlers have had dogs with them. I don’t know if that’s connected or not to the fact that most of the panhandlers lately appear to be fairly young.

Thing is, it makes me angry. Panhandlers make me uncomfortable. I don’t like talking to strangers in general, and I like it even less when they want my money. (This does not apply to kids who’re out selling stuff for sports teams or school fund raising or what have you. I empathize with them.)

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