This past weekend was busy. Wonderfully, much of it was also spent outside. That meant walking, and lots of it.

Saturday was the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, which required about four hours on my feet. Sunday I went walkabout in the morning to enjoy the sunshine for about an hour and a half, then Andrew and I took the dogs out for about an hour before heading to Toronto, and then there was a good two hours or more of walking in TO (on and off between destinations).

I wore my Blundstones pretty much all weekend, and have been wearing them a lot prior and since, too, given that there’s still plenty of mushy ground and crusty snow piles alongside the blessedly dry sidewalk.

I mentioned when I bought these boots that when I put them on they immediately felt like I’d owned them for 10 years. A year later, they still do. Only difference is some scuffing and a bit of stretching. (I have the classic 500 style in brown.)

My feet were comfy and dry all weekend, and I didn’t have sore feet once. For someone with my feet, this is saying a LOT. Today I’m a bit achy in the lower back, hips, and legs from so much hard surface walking, but my feet are fine – not a perfect result, but I’m in better shape than I was expecting. And no, they’re not paying me to sing their praises. 🙂

Certainly they’re not the most feminine footwear, but whatever. I’ll never own strappy stilettos, anyway. And they’re the kind of gear that you don’t really need to think about whether they’re stylish or not. They’ve been around too long for that crap.

At the very least, it’s nice to know there are other footwear options for heavy walking adventures like our upcoming trip to France that AREN’T running shoes. Cuz really, in Europe, nothing pegs you as a tourist like a pair of blazing white-with-neon-or-metallic runners. (Fortunately I don’t own a fanny pack.)

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