The Fountain of Youth is 100% cotton

I got carded buying wine last night. Took my bottles up to the counter and the girl (mid-20s at most) gave me the “CanIseeyourIDplease” spiel. I giggled aloud. 🙂

I handed her my licence and her eyebrows went up, “I never would have guessed!” (That you are actually an ancient hag…) Then I explained that it was because I was wearing a bandanna. I always get carded if I have one of those or a hat on. She said it was just because I have a young face.

Right, which is why I got into bars at 15…

Needless to say, I was greatly amused. This is only about the sixth time ever that’s it’s happened. (And I was never carded before my mid-20s.)

I wonder if my brother still gets nailed with it. (He would still get carded pretty much every time he tried to buy booze well past his 30th birthday.) Of course, now he can bring the baby to the LCBO as an age-accentuating accessory. 🙂

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