I am so hardcore.

Around mid-March, I started feeling fairly pleased with myself for surviving the winter without getting sick. Mind you, it was still winter, but hell, after six months, some days you need a bit of delusion to get you by, you know?

Of course, the powers that be sprang forth with their sense of humour and promptly gave me a cold. Har har. So that was a couple weeks of fun. And the congestion never entirely went away, which means my nasal membranes have been largely shredded since. (“The doctor said I wouldn’t have so many nose bleeds if I kept my finger outta there…” Huh. Apparently there is an appropriate situation for that quote!)

Oh, and then I got conjunctivitis (pink eye). Haven’t had that since I was a kid. Charming!

So we got that cleared up in a few days… And then I got a sore throat. I mean, honestly. And basically it was one moderately sore tonsil, which happens sometimes, and clears itself up in a couple days. This stuck around for a week, then switched to the other tonsil for a week or so. Then everything just sort of mildly to moderately ached. However, I was at least three weeks in by this point, and so I figured it was time to get it checked out.

Of course, I haven’t seen my doctor for any of these woes, because she remains on leave recuperating from a knee reconstruction she apparently brought on herself with a skiing accident. So I’ve gotten to meet the other doctors in the practice. Some are better than others…

The doc I had for the throat appointment seemed profoundly bored, vaguely annoyed at my existence, and of the opinion that I was the dumbest organism alive. Yes, I have had a sore throat for three weeks. No, it hasn’t spread. No, no major congestion, fever, or swollen lymph nodes. And I really like to avoid antibiotics when I can.

Anyway, so we ended up agreeing that it didn’t sound like strep (I never got particularly sick, and typically you get sick as a dog, with those symptoms I listed above). And he didn’t prescribe “just in case” antibiotics, but he did take a throat swab and said the culture would tell them in 24 hours if it was strep or not. If it was they’d call me and call a prescription in to my pharmacy. That was Monday morning.

Didn’t hear from them the next day, or any day since. Amusingly, I also started feeling a lot better the next day, and within two days, all pain and swelling had pretty much departed, leaving me to wonder if a lot of it hadn’t been psychosomatic for some reason.

Except then this afternoon (Friday) around 5:15 my phone rang. It was the doctor’s office. I do, in fact, have strep. Huh. I told the nurse that, ironically, I was feeling fine. She insisted I needed meds, so I gave her my pharmacy’s info and they called in the prescription, which I picked up an hour or so later on returning from a walk.

What’s kinda funny is that I thought I had lost my robustness mojo. Cold followed by pink eye followed by strep — and I’m supposed to be the one who never gets sick. (Andrew’s supposed to be riddled with pestilence!) I thought, too, that I had started developing allergies (which is still possible). HOWEVER! Where most people fall vanquished from a strep infection, I was only mildly irritated for a few weeks. Grr! (Needless to say next sore throat is getting checked out sooner. Can you tell I’ve not had very many of them?)

So… yeah. I’ll be feeling… even more fine in 10 days. Go me. Oh, and If I’ve made out with you in the last month or so? Umm… sorry.

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