Assorted pictures

A few spring walkabout photos:

The “falls” at the end of Silver Lake between the Grist Mill and Clay and Glass Gallery.

Erb Grist Mill falls

The remains of some chalk art on the dock in the lake.

dock shroom

dock flower

A tulip out front of my building. I love when they’re so red you can barely delineate the petals.

red tulip

And, as a bonus, here is my niece giving Piglet a kiss. (It’s still a bit bigger than she is.) She looks like she’s biting it on the face, but that’s because all her kisses are given with a big, round, open mouth. (She’ll learn…) Unfortunately, what’s not captured on film is the moment shortly after when she grabbed Piglet by the forehead and started kicking him in the ‘nads. I’m sure he deserved it…

Cadence kisses Piglet

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  1. Maybe Piglet let his hands wander a bit too much there during the kiss and earned himself a kick in the nads. Serves him right. Then again, he IS a pig.

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