Save me from myself

Today has not, perhaps, been my finest hour(s). Today has been a day that my mother and Andrew will use to mock me well into eternity.

Well, Andrew can try, but we’ll see how long that lasts when I’m holding a box with an iPhone… 🙂

Aaaanyway. So. The plan was to join Andrew for lunch, then run a few errands. After I arrived at Andrew’s office to pick him up, I remembered that I’d brought the items I needed to mail with me… but not the addresses to which to mail them. FAIL.

Then after lunch we moseyed over to Second Cup to procure lattes, and while waiting for mine I went to get my keys out of my coat pocket. Not there. So I checked my purse. Not there. No biggie. When we walked back past the restaurant, I popped in to see if they’d fallen out under the table. Nope. Ok, well, then they had to be in the vicinity of the car, since we hadn’t gone anywhere else, and I did drive there.

Then Andrew says, “Your car’s running.” And you know, it was. And because I am thoughtful towards the criminal element, I’d also left the doors unlocked. (Though cars these days make it pretty hard to lock them with the keys in the ignition.) FAIL x 2. Of course, as Steve pointed out, the fact that my less-than-a-year-old car was still parked at University Plaza speaks to the fact that Waterloo university students apparently have WAY too much money.

So I went home and continued my work day. Around 5:30 I packed up my backpack with errand-running supplies and headed out. Went to the library, the bank, and the post office. Mailed off half the contents of my apartment — had the addresses and everything!

Then about 2/3 of the way home I remembered that I’d forgotten to pick up the package that had arrived for me today. The notification was in my backpack, though. FAIL x 3.

When I asked Andrew to stop by my apartment on the way home to make sure I was still alive and had fed the cat… I wasn’t entirely kidding…

I should also point out that in the last 24 hours I have forgotten several people’s names (which makes it really hard to look up a phone number) and a good portion of my vocabulary. I had to call Andrew yesterday to ask what that window is called when you do a run command in Windows. And that was one of my smarter questions.

Sadly, I am neither pregnant nor have I suffered a recent blow to the head. *sigh*

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  1. Ouch, rough day! I’d have to say that most university students are too self involved to even have noticed that there was a car sitting there running with no-one in it.

  2. It also happened to me. I got out of my car, closed the door and started to head to a restaurant. I realized that I forgot to lock the car. So I dug through my pockets searching for my key fab, only to realize that I had left the keys in the ignition with the car running.

    Damn those quiet running engines. How I long for the days of the gas-guzzling automobile supertanker and the roar of its engine… :).

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