To try and save ourselves from the winter doldrums and mutually crappy weeks, Sherry and I decided to embark on a spot of shopping today. Really, given that I had two pairs of jeans disintegrate within days of each other, what else was I to do?

When we go shopping, we good-naturedly keep score. One or the other of us “wins”, based on who bought the most stuff, although it’s possible for one of us to scoop the other with a single purchase of overwhelming awesomeness. I.e. on the shopping trip when we found Sherry’s celery green disco pantsuit, I could have bankrupted myself, and that single purchase would still have secured her win.

Anyway, I did win today, with a new pair of jeans, shoes, two tank tops, sunglasses, chocolate, cat food, mini soccer balls (cat toys), aquarium filters, and… a Furminator!

Plus, the jeans and shoes were both nearly half price, so score!

Anyway, here is a picture of what I consider the two most important purchases. The shoes came in a Clarks box, for some reason, but they’re Hush Puppies. So comfy, and they make my feets look small. w00t!

Mary Janes and Furminator

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