Andrew and I brunched at King Tin (Seafood Restaurant) on Sunday. Busy place, reservations a good idea. The standard rule of thumb for ethnic restaurants applied: how many Asian people there? Plenty. Good stuff.

I’d never been there before, but Cameron’s was even busier, and Andrew was in a dim sum kinda mood, so we managed the 20-30 minute wait. We made good use of our time by mocking the footwear of many of the ill-shod women who came in. Seriously, when there are snowbanks leave the goddamned stilettos at home.

I give the folks running the joint credit. Things were chaotic and a bit messy, and it was nutso busy, but they managed to keep folks in tables, food, tea, sauces, napkins, takeout containers, etc. with pretty good efficiency.

I kinda grabbed the ordering reins, but Andrew kept me reasonably under control to prevent me from asking for every delicious thing on the carts at once. What’s a girl to do when someone’s standing there offering you six kinds of shrimp and or bbq’d pork foodstuffs?

My favourite item was the (big surprise) shrimp and bbq pork dumplings. Least favourite were the veggie rolls, I think. Like a spring roll, at least inside, the wrapped in a more phyllo-esque substance and WAY greasy. And, as always, I have to get lotus bean paste balls, and then remember I don’t like them, because they’re a big was of bread with some goo in them. But I like the pale shade of pink. I forget that rice noodles when wrapped around ingredients in sheets kinda gross me out to eat, too. Texture thing. The spare ribs were tasty, but pretty fatty, not surprisingly. As Andrew noted, their cooking style is fairly authentic Hong Kong, which tends to mean fat. I’ll take his word for it, since I lack Asian cred. 🙂

Overall, no shortage of food, and most of it I quite liked. The variety on offer was pretty crazy, too. Chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, squid, tripe, chicken feet… I admit I’m a bit too white to have the balls to dig into things like the chicken feet yet, but maybe one day. And if I ever find the perfect potsticker, I’ll be happy forever. (I think the best in town I’ve had so far was at Yummyaki, actually.)

Andrew said that overall the food is better at Cameron’s. I couldn’t remember for the life of me if I’d ever brunched at Cameron’s, but have since remembered that I have, at least once, but it was forever and a day ago. I’ve been there for dinner plenty of times and never been disappointed. (Of course, lacking l33t language skills, the “real” menu is forever off limits to me…) Cameron’s doesn’t do the food carts, though, which are cool. Both places I would DEFINITELY recommend reservations.

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