So my brother’s comment upon opening the video camera was, “I thought I was getting a camp chair!” There’s apparently one with a built-in canopy that he wants. Maybe for Easter, buddy…

The drive to Mandarin was six kinds of fun, with the storm in full swing by then, but we made it. Wasn’t all that busy yet, which was nice. A surprising number of people have arrived by the time we were ready to head out, though. Srsly, who thinks “Man, I really need to go out for dinner” in the middle of a blizzard? As I noted, there are no snowstorms on MY birthday.

The waitstaff did bring my brother cake with a candle, though, which was entertaining. Everybody sing! Then we got to help dig out/push a pickup truck that had gotten stuck in the parking lot. two-wheel drive, summer tires, no weight in the back. Asshole. And stuck directly in front of my brother’s car, so we couldn’t pull out. FAIL. Then he got stuck again in the laneway between the parking lot and the road.

Being sick, I didn’t go to the surprise party for my brother, but they got him. Hee! Which is extra awesome because a) my brother’s worse about surprises than I am, and b) he had been bugging Patience last week about not being able to keep a secret. Heh. Never did get to see his movie, though… (That was the cover event last night.)

They got home around 2am, and instead of going to bed proceeded to play with the video camera and laptop til who knows when. I was wondering why it didn’t go through the setup when Patience turned it on this morning… 🙂

I slept over, since I really didn’t feel like braving the side streets. I slept surprisingly well in the papasan chair. (I abandoned the couch since I could breathe better being partially upright.) This morning there was bacon and eggs and smiley babies.

Dunno where their router is, so the laptop’s net connection is ethernet for now, but Patience is already in love. So smooth, so shiny, so fast… And of course their favourite app is Photo Booth. I’ll probably pick up a Linksys router and do their wireless setup from scratch (which is to say, bat my eyelashes at Andrew to help). I never did like the D-Link anyway.

And once they have their stuff all backed up onto the external drive, we’ll load it onto the new laptop, then reformat the external drive and get Time Machine going. Sweet, easy backups. Cuz, uhh, with a new digital camera and new video camera, methinks that laptop’s going to be getting some media pounding.

And now to soak in the tub with my book and do a whole lotta nuthin’ today. One hour less of nuthin’, of course…

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