Yesterday when Sherry and I were out shopping, we visited a number of shoe stores, unsurprisingly. The 40s-inspired look is still going strong, which we think is fab. Of course so is the 80s look, which isn’t so much.

Heels are definitely in, the more skyscraping the better. We saw plenty of women yesterday at the mall demonstrating this, in fact. (I’ll save my thoughts on women who wear 4″ heels to go do a walking-based activity for another time…)

One of the most eye-catching styles we saw was metal-heeled stilettos. Usually a fairly strappy sandal with a high, narrow, metal-clad or all metal heel. Sherry boggled how anyone could even walk in something like that. I have no idea.

But what I did recall was the last time sky-high, pin-prick heels were fashionable: 2001. Prior to September 11th, heels were getting a bit ridiculous. I believe Manolo Blahniks were the shoes of the hour, thanks to Sex and the City. I believe one designer’s had even been banned because the shoes’ heels were basically titanium spikes that could easily kill someone. Charming. More importantly, however, in high stiletto heels, you can’t run. Hell, you can barely walk.

And you can’t, for example, run down 80 or 90 flights of stairs in a building that’s just been hit by a plane. There were news stories about women’s shoes in the context of 9/11. And then those heels promptly went out of fashion.

In the hyperbole of the day, I remember reading at least one article that went on about “Never again!” would such shoes be fashionable, symbols that they were of being pretty much literally hobbled. Fashion that prevented you from saving your own life, etc. And lo and behold, flats and lower, chunkier heels came into fashion.

And lasted a little while. It didn’t hurt that the 60s-inspired look came in then. However, here we are, 2008, and the shoes are back.

I guess style is more important than memory.

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