I have work to do and am not feeling creatively writer-y today. Enjoy! 🙂

PS. Yeah, that’s right. Fire-cleansed.

The Dark

They met by chance one starry night
The moon a solemn sentinel
He on his way home from some festivity
She passing another isolated hour
The wine had made his visions rosy
The light had made hers ashen
The night embraced each, an escape
No one played games with him
She could be the rose
Someone could see him
Someone could love her
He heard her shadow’s sweet whisper
She saw him and wove a cloak of darkness
He called to her, fresh hope tonight
Her heart raced, she search for flight
He beckoned her come
She resolved to play his game, teasingly
They parried
He searching, she weaving
He thought he had met a goddess
She feared he’d find her
At last she bid him goodnight
He begged her to return again
He came each night, she also
They shared souls
He grew to love, and she
He thought she was a shy beauty
She knew he was the golden one
She knew he had never glanced her way before
The stars spun their magic and she too fell
One night he begged her to be his forever
She paused, threw caution, agreed
They emerged to each other
He gaped
She fell, fire-cleansed
He stammered and fled
She polished her armour
Neither returned to the dark

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