Illness means lots of delicious reading when you can’t sleep. Things have been a bit eclectic ’round here.

The library pile:

I think what we can glean from this list is that the most important thing a book should have — much like university theses — is a colon-ized title. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve read the first three, all of which I recommend. They’re quick reads. Notes: TNAR is a bit repetitive, but talks good sense. The second is technically Young Adult, but reads well. The third is a bit longer, but still a fast read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My favourite quote in American Shaolin was about the Great Wall, and how it’s the only introverted Wonder of the Ancient World. It’s in this one short section that painted a totally new picture of the Chinese, their culture, and their cultural personality, I guess you could say, for me.

Just started the biography of Lady Churchill. So far it’s percolating along relatively well, as my Dad would say, and providing a nice balance of family history and historical and cultural context. Let’s hope it keeps up. The last two, being both an English and Marketing nerd, I’m quite looking forward to. Stay tuned…

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