It finally occurred to me that if something happened to my phone, a) manually restoring the contacts would be a pain in the ‘tocks, and b) I’d never remember half the contacts on there anyway.

And so I got all industrious-like and decided to figure out how to back them up onto my computer, either using the handy USB cable that came with the (Samsung) phone or Bluetooth.

Yeah… except the manual just keeps saying that for every type of transfer, I need to first install this software that came with my phone.

And that software is… (seriously, aren’t we past this yet?)… PC only. I have a Mac.

Found squat on the Rogers site (shocked! shocked I am!) and when I tried to call (desperation…) got a “We are experiencing higher than average call volumes…” message and was basically told I’d die before getting a CCR. Smurfy.

Guess I’m gonna have to be really nice to Andrew and see if he can figure it out, or go slogging through the interwebs.


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