Given Reprieve, N.F.L. Star’s Dogs Find Kindness

I read this last night, and Violet posted it again this morning. It left me somewhere between crying and homicidal, which I think is a pretty reasonable reaction for anyone with a soul. That article is about what has happened to Michael Vick’s dogs since they were seized.

Having worked at a shelter, especially in an area with pitbull-banning laws in place, I know how huge it is that these dogs are even still alive. I know how much work there is ahead not even to make any of them adoptable, but just to make any of them functional.

It’s strange how I rarely hope there is an afterlife so it can serve as a reward for folks who do amazing good in this world. I do, however, find myself regularly hoping there is something beyond this realm where punishment more thorough, fitting, and eternal can be meted out on those whose crimes can never be punished to my satisfaction in this life.

Much like prison justice tends to take care of those who commit crimes against children, I can only dream that such a system exists for those who commit crimes against animals. We have responsibilities to those who rely on us for their well-being, and intentionally violating that trust and responsibility to commit long-term acts of torture deserves a very special place in hell.

I did, however, appreciate the last comment in Erin Shea’s post on the subject:

“My friend Dawn said it best today: I’m kind of hoping he is already the bitch of a large inmate named Bubba. And perhaps that they are in the process of prying his teeth out so that he is less harmful during forced mating.

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