I learned about Red Canary last summer when I was job hunting. The property is an effort by The Laudi Group, a recruiting firm out of Toronto. I liked the material, the writing, and was particularly impressed that a Toronto firm had such a solid grasp on tech business and culture here in KW. (The relationship between the two cities is often more antagonistic.)

Anyway, for a number of reasons, once of my New Year’s goals was to write more. And hey, if you can get paid to do it, why not? So I pinged the editor of Red Canary to inquire about freelancing.

And from there, an idea I pitched morphed into a paid blogging gig. Cool. 🙂

My first piece went up today: Three degrees of separation – Waterloo edition

(The title was the editor’s idea, not mine.)

I’m pretty jazzed. If you click my name you can see the picture I took at lunch time today. I had to create a profile so they could attribute the article, and they like to have a mugshot. I might have 7 or 8000 pictures in iPhoto, but of course that doesn’t mean there are any suitable ones of me in there…

(And yeah, I realize I just kinda “outed” myself, since I rarely use my full first name and have never used my last name on this site, but far as I know, plenty of the folks who read already know who I am. And, really, you still can’t find this site via googling my name, so ’tis all good.)

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