Red Dot Campaign

Hate junk mail? Constantly ignored with your requests and actions to make it stop clogging your mailbox?

Maybe this will help. I’m certainly going to give it a try. I bought a small recycling bin to put on the porch at my building so people could dump junk mail directly into it, and it gets filled up nearly every week, which is really depressing.

Red Dot Campaign – Say NO to Junk Mail

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4 Replies to “Red Dot Campaign”

  1. Thank you VERY much…I am so glad someone has taken the intiative to do this. I have posted the RED DOT on my mailbox, left the signed letter in my mailbox, and posted a copy of your letter on my apartment buildings notice board.

  2. Canada Post has terminated letter carriers for advising interested people on how to implement the red dot campaign. Contact me for more information.

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