So, weather permitting, my parents are coming down tomorrow afternoon (or “down country”, as they say). Mom is going to a hot tub party at my cousin’s place (???). She will also be dropping off quilts she made for three of my cousins who were smitten with the one Mom made for my niece.

Dad is not so much interested in hot tubbing with a gaggle of garrulous gals (can’t really blame him…), and so apparently he’s hanging out with me for the evening and watching hockey. Can do. (Note: procure Steam Whistle.)

Now, he’ll be getting here around 5:30, so I asked what he wanted to do for dinner. After some back and forth, it turns out he’s been jonesin’ for… Chinese food. Doesn’t sound like Mom’s too interested, but hey, I’m down. I told them we’ve got the full complement of Chinese food options here in the Greater Kaydublian area, from the grotesque (Mandarin), to the authentic (i.e. there is a menu for whitey and a menu for those who speak Cantonese or Mandarin).

Dad sounded most interested in a buffet. Unfortunately, the best Chinese in town (Cameron’s), doesn’t do buffet. But hell, for a while there I had him interested in trying Ye’s. Ye’s, I tell you! (Yes, I know it’s not Chinese.) I doubt it’ll happen, but I take my culinary hopes where I can get them. I guess I should be grateful we’re not going for dinner at 4pm. And then there’s Dad’s senior’s discount…

So… yeah. Crazy party girl that I am, Friday night I’ll probably be out on the down, rockin’ the Kings Buffet with my Dad. Should probably stock up on après-dinner hookers and blow, too…

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