So a few folks were all, like, “Dude, your site’s not working!” Plus I noticed my template was broken — if you actually come here and don’t just do RSS you would have seen a gap at the top of the “paper” part.

Turns out I done got hacked and some spam shit was inserted in my template. The magnificent Dana who hosts, troubleshoots, and makes julienne fries said it was an injection attack. Then she showed me a big string of gibberish, so I sagely stroked my goatee and went, “Huh?”

Anyway, all fixed now, but holla if anything’s acting fuXX0r3d still. And, yes, password has been changed and a fresh backup done.

Plus I checked random archive posts and everything seems to be there, unlike when another site I work on got hacked and I had to manually replace everything from RSS. Blech.

I want Time Machine for my blog! 🙂

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