So when we left our saga, my marvelous daughter Kate had offered to send me one of her review stock. Because she is awesome. And sassy. And smart. And generous. 🙂

Said bag is on its way across the country now. And it’ll even be a surprise, because I picked the two among her current stock that I liked the most, and let her choose. (I know — me? A surprise? The hell you say!)

In the mean time, Dell wasn’t kidding about the bag I ordered from them having already shipped. It arrived the next day (and Purolator left me a notice, and then called me the next day). So I went and picked it up. And it’s been sitting, unopened, in my living room since last Wednesday.

So kudos to Dell for pulling it out of the fire a bit at the end there. And, in fact, that part of the experience better reflects Nicole‘s experience with them when she bought her laptop bag.

Right, so the box is here, unopened. All I had to do was call Dell back and arrange a return. But I haven’t. Y’see, I’ve been pondering keeping it, for two reasons. Initially I thought having TWO decent laptop bags would be a good idea — one for Octavian (the one from Kate), and one for my work laptop (the one I ordered from Dell). Because my work laptop “bag” is a big, black, bulky, cheap-looking Targus backpack number, which, of course, came with the laptop when it was assigned to me. DO NOT WANT.

Then soon thereafter, when I started pondering the imminent need to replace my brother and sister-in-law’s computer, I figured if I had two laptop bags, I could give them the one from Dell. It’s plain enough that it wouldn’t bother my brother, I don’t think, but it’s slightly feminine and has pink pinstripe sorta patterning, which my sister-in-law would be all over.

So while I sort things out, there it sits. And Anatole has been surprisingly gracious about not having access to a new and exciting box.

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  1. i hope you are having better luck with your Dell laptop than I had with mine. just after a year when the warranty ran out, battery dies on me. then one issue after another. not buying another dell again, ever

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