Lured by the promise of delicious curry, I tagged along for the Evening of Ultimate Hipness.

Cuz y’all know how much I love curling…

Sherry has provided pretty good coverage of the evening’s festivities. However, I would like to provide correction that on occasion, when I clapped, I actually DID know why I was doing so.

Curling would certainly be a lot more interesting if they sped it up. Or lit something on fire. Whatever. In any case, Andrew and Sherry seemed to know what was going on, and took time out from our delightful commentary to discuss the on-ice action. (The “finessed concentrations” as opposed to the “saggy-assed dumps”, as it were.)

Oh, and this is the hat in question. I certainly blended in better than the other two. 🙂

me in my old man hat

1 Comment on Cooler than 42lbs of frozen Scottish granite…

  1. I think the hat is great. I too am embracing the old man inside of me. I’m thinking of adding a similar accoutrement to my ensemble. I just hope they have sizes for heads that have their own moons orbiting them :). My kingdom for a smaller head!

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