Baby’s First Nom Nom Nom

Finally got around to sharing my very special ice cream with my parents today. They were MOST appreciative. Mom loves nuts, and she was not disappointed. Dad never said a word until he put the empty bowl down.

On the way over to my brother’s place, I pondered whether it would be kosher to give my niece a taste or not. She still takes most of her meals at Mom’s Diner, but they’ve started her on rice cereal and whatnot.

The question became quickly moot, however, when Grandma came over and offered the baby the spoon with a wee bit of semi-melted ice cream on it. The kid knows that game, and so opened up and down the hatch it went. And then her face lit up like it was Christmas, Hallowe’en, and her birthday all rolled into one, and she locked her attention onto Grandma and The Sacred Spoon.

She got a few more spoonfuls (mostly just wet, not big gulps or nuts or anything — she’s only got two teeth after all), and tried a number of times to take the spoon to go at things her own way (thus necessitating Aunt Melle cleaning up her face, hands, and sleeper to hide the evidence…)

I think we can safely say that she’s definitely one of us. Nom nom nom. 🙂

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