We had Family Christmas with Dad’s side yesterday. Huzzah, the end of the potlucks!

We have reached a phase in my family where my cousins are growed up, married off, and have reproduced. There are 16 great-grandchildren (so far), and 9 of them are boys.

Family get togethers are… somewhat boisterous. Especially when sugar is easily had.

Oh, and when my brother is around…

Chad and the boys

Not shown is how the kids would climb up onto the plastic table (the white and pink one in the background, which apparently had nearly unscrewed legs) to leap off in attempts to either a) deliver a flying knee to the back (several successful attempts), or b) latch on with a choke hold (several successful attempts). Given that Chad lost count of the number of times he got sacked, I’m not sure he’ll be siring any more children…

Chad and the boys

No one else has the energy for that kind of roughhousing, and those kids’ parents had the good sense to stay upstairs.

But hey, had anyone cracked a skull, the father of three of the boys (including the twins in the striped shirts), is a doctor.

Of course, I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv. Which is why one of the twins informed me that I wasn’t the boss of him when I prevented him from trying to body check my brother through the patio door after he followed Chad upstairs after playtime.

Shortly thereafter, their grandma TOTALLY laid the smack down (she has 11 grandkids…). So nyah nyah to you, whippersnapper. 🙂

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