After turning this place into a one-woman sockmonkey sweatshop for the holidays, I finally got around to the one I owed dear, patient Jennifer as her NaBloPoMo prize. (Lucky me, my prize donation had to go to someone who’s a stellar crafter… No pressure!)

No word of name or gender yet (I suspect her kids might have some influence there…), but here is the sockbeast, waving hello to y’all.

Jennifer didn’t have any major requests for customization, so I went with the classic style, which, I admit, is still my favourite (though making Stretch and Lavender Ninja was most entertaining). She got the gingham buttons, which I also love dearly, and which have only ever been used before (I think…) for my Mom. (Her sockmonkey was a 29th *cough**cough*60th*cough**cough* birthday gift and his name is Chester.)

Here is the sockmonkey shortly after completion, before its cross-border journey. Amusingly, this one has different expressions depending on the angle of the photo. (That’s my work laptop it’s sitting on. Octavian is at the side of the desk.)

Jennifer's sockmonkey

Oh, I also made a sockbeast by special request for a woman I used to work with (also named Jennifer, actually), for her little boy — they adopted the baby nearly a year ago, and it was his first Christmas. Couldn’t refuse. The result? Mr. Jingles. (I hear he’s a big hit.) 🙂

Mr. Jingles

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