Apparently the correct Indian spelling is with two e’s rather than an i.

Aaaanyway, my friend Madhu headed back to India to visit friends and family (and escape winter…) in December, and was kind enough to do a spot of shopping for Sherry and I. (As Madhu’s husband will attest, getting her to go shopping is VERY DIFFICULT.) 🙂

This is Sherry’s saree.

And this is mine (click on a thumbnail to open the bigger version):

This is the whole set: big saree wrap (about 6 yards of fabric), fabric to make the blouse, and the skirt. The skirt is plain dark red and is pretty much entirely covered up.

saree set

This is a close-up of the blouse fabric.

saree blouse fabric

This is a close-up of the “fancy” end of the saree wrap (which you show off in front):


This is a close-up of the fabric of most of the saree wrap and the edge. You can see the edges of the wrap and blouse are the same.


Just looking at the thing kinda overwhelms me (aside from the fact that I still don’t have a good grasp on wrapping/tying it). It is by a landslide the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever owned. Half of me wants to never take it off, the other half wants to hang it up and just look at it forever.

It kinda makes western women’s clothing laughable by comparison (I think, anyway).

For example, while in India Madhu attended a family wedding. With permission, here are a couple of pictures from it. Mennonite weddings sure as hell don’t look like that. 🙂

Family picture. Madhu is the second woman from the right, in the back. Her daughter Aashi is in front of her. (Madhu is, quite possibly, the most photogenic person alive.)

Madhu's family at the wedding

The ladies gettin’ their groove on. 🙂

Madhu's family wedding, ladies dancing

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