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For Christmas 2006, I accepted a commission from one of Andrew’s work friends to make a sockmonkey as a gift for his wife. He and I are nicely compatible on the “I don’t sell them” front, as he is a dab hand in the kitchen, and so we came to an agreement: ice cream.

The sockmonkey was named Zoe, and I got to enjoy chocolate gingerbread. Nom nom nom.

And then last week Andrew mentioned that he’d been bribed to make a delivery to me: more ice cream. Hey, I’m not complaining. And so I became the lucky recipient of some magnificent butterscotch pecan ice cream. It’s faboo. And none of your bidniz how much of it I’ve eaten today…

In fact, to save myself, I told Mom I’d bring some with me when I go up to visit them next weekend. That way I CAN’T eat it all. Plus, that’s one of Mom’s favourite flavours, and I’m nice.

Thanks, Blair! Nom nom nom.

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  1. I’m glad you liked it. I was a little worried because when I ate a spoonful the morning before bringing it in, it seemed to be not as good as the first batch I made (for Guy Across the Street Who Shovelled my Driveway While I Was on Vacation) – maybe a little harder, and/or less flavourful. Thanks for Zoe! She remains a constant joy, with her cuteness and, umm… antics.

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