Woman (not me) in the washroom finishes using the toilet. She walks to the sink and swipes her hands under the tap (they’re automatic ones). From what I can see she barely wets even one hand.

She walks over to the paper towel dispenser (also automatic) and procures several to thoroughly dry her hands. Then she gets another one, which she proceeds to use around the handles of the doors so as not to have to touch them directly. (A lot of people do this — there’s even a garbage can near the outer washroom door to deposit them.)

One presumes she thinks she’s protecting herself from other people’s germs. Given that she apparently doesn’t know how to wash her hands properly, I guess I should be grateful that she’s making some effort to project us from hers.

Ahh well, at least this office doesn’t have giant dispensers of sanitizer mounted around the office like the last place I worked…

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