Fancy like

Sherry dropped by last night, and in keeping with my 60-second tidying up (assuaging the Mom-itis), we were both most elegantly attired. Sherry had on a t-shirt and an old corporatewear fleece pullover, accompanied by pink plaid jamma pants (with a silver stripe!) — all paint stained. And pink slipper socks. Fuzzy! She had her hair in a ponytail.

I was wearing a ‘beater and fuzz-and-cat-hair-covered polar fleece with hand-me-down yoga pants, and slipper socks, too. I hadn’t showered after the gym, so I had a bandanna on to keep my hair out of the way. (And to show off my uber-ruddy cheeks!)

Old broads that we are, we drank decaf tea and scritched the cat. On the plus side, we discussed world travel, raising kids (because neither of us have any…), hawt man-on-man action (i.e. Torchwood, season 2), and the humour and logistics of Elton John coming to Kitchener (and Sudbury!)

And of course we wrapped up this wild party by 9:30pm. 🙂

Hah! Update: Get out of my head, woman!

(I also replaced the Torchwood link with hers. Much better.)

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