So the other day I was at Andrew’s, and I walked into the office and was greeted by this tableau:

Andrew's desk

Right. So that would be a PowerBook, Connors Best Bitters (empty), a mini bottle of Glenkinchie, I believe, a Mill Street Stock Ale (empty), a partial bag of pretzels, a can of stain remover, a shirt, a book on resume writing, a partial bag of Buffalo and Bleu Cheese chips, and a tape measure.

I’m torn between “I MUST know” and “I don’t wanna know…”

Now, a penchant for odd combinations of things runs in Andrew’s family. It’s a long-running joke that, on the whiteboard in their kitchen, his parents have the most awesome grocery lists ever. Typically, they appear to make a great deal of rather sinister sense… until they don’t.

For example, something like this:

garbage bags
rubber gloves

or perhaps:

paper towels

It really is quite wonderful. Of course, cheeky monkeys that we are, we’ve begun augmenting the lists when they lack sufficient “spice”, as it were.

I mean, really, who could help but scribble in “drain cleaner” after “wine”, “olives”, and “bread”? 🙂

PS. I finally got around to measuring Andrew’s legendarily large head with the aforementioned tape measure, and… it’s not. Large, that is. I mean, it’s bigger than mine, but not by much, and mine might even be bigger, proportionately speaking, since he’s nearly 8 inches taller. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed. I mean, it’s just been one of those givens in life, like death or taxes.

Bah. Pinhead.

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