Stolen from Sherry because I am savouring my remaining day of laziness.

Instructions: Look back at your blog – take the first sentence or two from the first post for each month of 2007 and see what you get.

And so…

January: So I won’t be homeless.

February: I am so tired, and so sore, but I am moved.

March: Inmates at no-smoking prison trade hostage for cigarettes (headline link to a news article)

April: I don’t know what that means, but if I show ID, d’ya think they’d give me free stuff? 🙂

May: I spent last evening at my brother’s place, setting up his printer/scanner/copier/thingy and wireless router.

June: Still funny? Oh hellz yeah: LOLBOTS.

July: To celebrate the splendiferousness that is us, you may now go forth and picnic, bbq, set off fireworks, drink beer, and find something about the weather to complain about. 🙂

August: Forgot to mention this one. Andrew, Dan, and I went to the KW Ribfest and Craft Beer Show back on July 21st.

September: The Bauman’s Smoke fresh sheep’s milk cheese? Divine.

October: The post was a haiku, so here’s the whole thing:

Today, great hair day
But it’s raining, so no hope
Time for a ponytail.


November: So I was up at 6am yesterday, worked a full day, left for a bit, then was back at work shortly after 8pm to do some final prep for some testing that started shortly after 9:30pm. Was at work til a bit after 12:30am, got to bed around 1am, and was up again at 5am this morning.

December: They’re clearly dedicated to carrying the finest in contemporary literature. (re. the library stocking Slash’s autobiography)

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