Baking: do not want!

There’s just something very sad about getting shiny, new, will-fit-in-the-small-oven cookie sheets (thanks, Sherry!) but being so very sick of baking as to be unable to think of a single thing I might want to make on them.

Of course, they are nice and deep, so roasted vegetables are a distinct possibility… Of course, that would require tackling dish mountain in order to be able to at least find a knife and the cutting board…

In other news: finally, the tree is down. And the Dirt Devil, used as a stick vac, did an awesome job on the stray “needles”.

In other other news: old friends and good scotch on a rainy night do not suck.

And apparently my parents’ computer’s name is Rastus. Mom was unaware that the name has a rather ugly, pejorative racist meaning (at least in the US), and said it’s just always been called that, because it went well with Chester (which is her sockmonkey’s name…) Alrighty, then…

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