I seem to be developing a touch of arthritis. Or something that wants to become arthritis. It’s only in joints I’ve injured in the past, mainly my left ring finger and right index finger. And, intermittently, the big toe joints on both feet, from wearing un-cushioned heeled shoes sometimes.

Anyway, I have been noticing that the discomfort/inflammation is often worse after I’ve slept, particularly after napping. Do I clench my hands like I clench/grind my teeth? Do I do something to compress/cause friction in the joints? Do I need a hand guard like my (dearly beloved) night guard?

I suppose it’s possible I irritated things just before napping — when I went outside without mitts then carried a heavy water bottle in from the car. Will have to pay attention to these things. Most curious…

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  1. I hope it’s not arthritis. Arthitis suxxxx.

    To test: grab a joint you think may be affected. Put one finger on one side of the joint and your thumb on the other side. Press hard and suddenly. If you have to scrape yourself off the ceiling, it may be arthritis.

    But in the big toes too… maybe it’s gout!

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