Sunday photos

Apparently things can get a bit rowdy around the feeder. With the exception of the popcorn — yellowish specks, middle left — those are all feathers.

feathers around the bird feeder

Just before Mom and Dad left for church this morning, we were in the kitchen and heard this loud THUD. Looked outside and there were a few feathers floating to the ground, and this little dude plopped in the snow, not looking so good. (It had flown into the glass patio door.) The dove stayed in that spot for an hour or so, then appeared to try to fly off, and ended up at the corner of the deck, where I took this picture. A couple hours later, it was gone. No tracks or feathers, so a good chance it took off, rather than becoming someone’s lunch. It was hard watching it in the snow (one of its wings wasn’t tucking well) and not doing anything.

dove in the snow

This is the finest quilt known to humankind. One side is velvet patchwork, the other side is flannel. The batting in the middle, based on the quilt’s weight, would seem to be lead. Best part is, it’s on the side of the couch next to the woodstove, so you stretch out on the couch (reclining couch!), cocoon in the quilt, and bake. It’s wonderful. Of course, if you fall asleep (as you invariably will), when you wake up you’re completely dessicated, but it’s a small price to pay…

velvet quilt

Andrew has taken up that most hip of sports this year: curling. And so I tagged along the other week to see him and his (nerd) friends in action. Did you know the Elmira curling club has a viewing area with rocking chairs? T’was most splendid.

Here is Andrew doing… something very athletic. (He’s the one on the right on the grey shirt. I like how it looks like there’s a coin slot in the back of his head.)

Andrew at curling

Here are Andrew’s ‘tocks doing something even more athletic.

Andrew at curling

And here is Andrew hurrying hard, or whatever the hell they were doing at the time. (He’s right next to the blue coat guy at the top there.)

Andrew at curling

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