For the first time ever in my decade and a half or so of driving, I am driving a car with… no hubcaps (or wheels disks as my Dad would call them). Yes, like any normal Canadian my car is filthy and salty and my black rims are displayed for all the world to see.

You see, in the past the hubcaps for my all-season tires have fit my snow tires, so after changing them for the winter Dad has pounded them back on, and unlike, oh, every other Canadian on the road, my tires look the same 365 days a year. (Though as Andrew will tell you, when Giuseppe’s snow tires were on and the roads were clear, you could tell by the DEAFENING NOISE.)

Except… now I have the new car, and the alloy something something hubcaps that came on the tires that were on the car when I bought it don’t fit the snow rims/tires Dad bought. And I refused to pay even more money ($650 just before Christmas… BOO!) for a set of winter hubcaps, even cheap, plastic ones. BECAUSE I DON’T CARE.

And so my tires is nekkid.

My father, of course, is not such a yobbo, and has a winter set of plastic hubcaps on his giant tires (cheaper and won’t corrode). And on Saturday I found him in the basement (because you can’t keep your off-season tires in either of the two sheds where it’s not climate or moisture-controlled…) polishing the alloy hubcaps of his all-seasons. I presume if hubcaps can be waxed, he did that, too. 🙂

Of course, now that he’s retired, it can only get worse. Baby Jesus help us all if he discovers tuning…

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