Go me.

Completed NaBloPoMo badge

Although I usually blog daily, so perhaps not as great a sense of accomplishment as running a marathon or something. But hey, I can’t write while running anyway, so it all works out.

Alas, once again I did not win any of the fabulous prizes, though I did offer to donate a sockbeast. Just, y’know, I only managed to get myself on the hook for SIX for Christmas…

Baby Jesus help me, the woman who won is an insanely talented crafty type, so I’m probably so screwed. But hey, her work is gorgeous and she has a bulldog, so she’s alright by me.

And we can always classify them as rustic sockmonkeys. Yes.

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  1. Wow and double wow! Melle I’m so excited to win one of your adorable sock monkeys. I remember them so well from my childhood but never owned one myself. Thanks for donating such a great prize and for your kind words. Happy crafting and blogging!

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