Pink isn’t a Christmas colour

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

This is something that already bothers me about my niece. Her wardrobe is overwhelmingly pink (her mother’s favourite colour). There are Disney Princess candy canes on the Christmas tree. Her toys at this point are “baby” toys, so bright colours and whatnot, and not terribly gender-specific. For now.

My brother will help with trying to expand her gender horizons, I think, especially if their next child (which they’ve been talking about since about ten minutes after Cadence was born) isn’t the boy they want. My brother would like some balance, and I think he’d be fine with having/doing more stereotypical “boy” things with a girl. After all, my brother has 30-odd years of experience with me to know that not all girls are pink princesses all the time.

As for me, at least I have a bit of leeway in my actions. I can be a voice of diversity and feminism and show up with a range of toys. I can buy her non-pink books and puzzles and, if she turns into a daddy’s girl (which is pretty likely), I can get her a tool belt so she can “help” Daddy work. And hey, the clothes I bought Cadence for Christmas are an assortment of colours, and only one outfit has any pink on it.

Of course, once she reaches school age, pretty much everyone else’s influence will fall by the wayside in favour of what her peers think. That’s a bit scary. Peer influence is powerful stuff, and not always positive. I’m kinda hoping she at least ends up at a school with some diversity. Getting exposed to different folks would be the best thing for her. And would help counteract some of her father’s attitudes, which is yet another issue I’m going to be fighting for a long time, methinks…

(Article courtesy of Robyn, who gets frothy about these sorts of things, too.)

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