So last night I had a comedic mental moment that is still tickling me. A rub and tug staffed by… butlers. Hee! Picture it — stiff upper lips, white gloves, and “Would sir like his happy ending now…?” πŸ™‚

If you’ve ever seen purple (or blue) potatoes in the grocery store and wondered what they’d look like cooked up, here is potato bacon soup made with about 80% purple potatoes. I suspect if they weren’t cooked as long (like roasted), they’d stay fully purple, but simmered in stock eventually they end up more… greyish lavender. Nom nom nom blech. (Tasted fine, though.)

purple potato soup

I imagine most people’s parents throw out most of their childhood art projects eventually (ours were pitched en masse out of necessity after the fire). However, there is one notable, and delightful exception to this: Andrew. As I think I’ve previous mentioned, his Mom really likes him. Really. And as luck would have it, Andrew created some fine, fine holiday-themed artwork as a child, which I have finally gotten around to photographing.

This is, I am told, an elf. He will swallow your soul.

evil elf

And this is a Santa made of, among other things, pantyhose.

pantyhose Santa

I know you now desperately want those items for yourself. If Andrew gets around to opening an Etsy shop, I’ll be sure to let you know. πŸ™‚

Also, just exactly what are these festive gingerbread men supposed to be wearing? According to Andrew, it’s lederhosen. Hot pink icing lederhosen…

gingerbread men with pink lederhosen

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