Nerdalicious Christmas…

I know nice people who know nice people. 🙂

The delightful Ms. Stroppycow (no, I’m not going to tell you her name, so there) took pity on pitiful me and my holiday doldrums recently.

And in the fashion of the truly awesome, sent me a present.

But not just any present.

A present of rare and bountiful magnificence…

A Doctor Who Advent Calendar!!!

From the UK!!!

Sherry and Andrew are seething, I just know it. I may allow them one chocolate and trivia tidbit each…

I will tell you a secret, dear interwebs. In 32 and a half years of life, I have never, ever had my own advent calendar. Ever. And it has pissed me off since I was a kid. Especially when I saw other kids get them. I’ve no idea why we never got any. I guess it just wasn’t a tradition Mom or Dad ever had or picked up.

However, I has one. And it is good. AND I have known the answers to all the trivia questions so far. Awwwwyeaaaaaah. 🙂

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  1. I too, never had an advent calendar until this year! However, yours is far cooler – mine is just a Spiderman one that Brooke bought me. Take a picture!

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