What the hell. I’m waiting for cookies to bake, and I haven’t memed in a while. Stolen from Violet who, no doubt, stole it from elsewhere. 🙂

Do you own a gun?
Nerf, yes. With human stopping power, no.

What do you think of hot dogs?
I get a wicked craving for them about once a year. Then I eat three and remember they’re not actually very good, and I’m done.

What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
First thing a big glass of water. Then when I get to work my wee thermos of brewed Peet’s (currently Holiday Blend).

Can you do push-ups?

What’s your favourite piece of jewelry?
Wee froggie.

What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex?

Not really much of a lurer. I dunno. Show up, bring boobs?

Middle name?

Name three thoughts at this exact moment:

1. My contacts are itchy.
2. I still have wine bottle label remnants under my nails. (Had to clean them off for my parents’ wine-making tomorrow.)
3. Wonder how Violet and Coffee’s meeting with the boys went?

What time did you wake up today?
6am. It’s getting harder and harder.

Current hate?
Having to go anywhere near a mall.

Name three drinks you regularly drink:

1. black coffee
2. water, particularly RO
3. hot chocolate (far too much of it in the winter)

Do you own slippers?
I am wearing them now. I asked for new ones for Christmas.

What shirt are you wearing?
A grey tank top and one of my “work shirts”, i.e. one of two ancient, shredded, giant men’s denim shirts left over from two jobs ago.

Do you burn or tan?
Both, but I try to avoid the sun. Not good for the rosacea.

Favourite colour(s)?
Red. Jewel tones. Anything that very clearly reflects a person I know.

Would you be a pirate?
In the now-mythical sense, hellz yeah. In the real sense, no way. Talk about nasty, brutish and short lives.

What is your favourite holiday?
Hmm, dunno. My birthday? Hallowe’en?

What songs do you sing in the shower?
I don’t sing in the shower. Oddly, I do sing pretty much everywhere else.

What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
Nothing, really. Though occasionally when horsing around Dad and Chad would pin the covers down around me when I was under them, and I’d freak.

What’s in your pockets right now?

Last thing that made you laugh?
“Packin’ skin”. Heh.

Best bed sheets as a child?

The classic flannel ones that came in sort of a cream colour with a couple of pink or blue stripes along the end.

Worst injury you’ve ever had?
Umm… I’ve had stitches twice, but both before I can remember the injury. Maybe when my brother accidentally slammed a door on my hand and nearly severed the end of my ring finger?

Are your parents still together?
Most definitely.

Do you wish on shooting stars?
But of course. Haven’t seen one in eons, though.

What is your favourite book(s)?
Depends on the conversation. The Count of Monte Cristo remains up there, as does Fall On Your Knees.

What is your favourite candy?
Chocolate. Recently, mint chocolates.

How is the weather outside right now?
Dark, dry, clear, teeny sliver of moon, nearly -10C.

What was your first thought this morning when you woke up?
Fuck off, Anatole. He thinks 6am is a perfectly reasonable hour to jump back and forth across my head, sniff me and tickle my nostrils with his whiskers (HATE THAT), and talk to me to try and convince me to get up and snuggle/feed him.

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