So I’m sitting in a kitchen amid mountains of crumbs and dishes and baked goods. I have a half-decorated tree in the living room and a bag with a two-thirds completed sockmonkey in it. I hope to nap shortly.

Thing is, compared to Violet and Coffee’s house, this place is comatose. And my tree is boring green. 🙂

You didn’t seem to be around quite as much this year — fewer dead celebs and moments of glorious Schadenfreude. Granted, there is that whole Britney thing…

You’ll help Violet and Coffee raise good kids. Heh, you’re one of the few people who wouldn’t have been phased by Three Boys (insert appropriate number of question marks and exclamation points). There are only a few things that are really important, you know? The rest — enh. Nothin’ wrong with being Those People from time to time. I think about your son sometimes. I worry about him. But I also know I can’t help him. I’m sorry.

Babies everywhere this year. Most of whom got blamed on me. Guess you’re lucky you’re out of my reach, huh? I like my niece. More than I expected to. I certainly does make a difference when they’re “yours”. Might need your help from time to time with her, too. My brother and his girlfriend are a bit status quo for my taste. You’ll be happy to know she looks best in purple.

I’m okay these days. None of the abyss of down of two years ago, or the euphoric up of last year. It always gets better eventually, you know?

Say hi to Angela for me. Hope you’re keeping an eye on her for now. Though she never was one to need someone else looking after her. As deaths go, what is it with us WNET girls? Can’t anyone die well or peacefully or at a really, really old age? I don’t know how to process this brutality and unfairness.

I guess that’s the lesson, though, too, isn’t it? There are only a few things that are really important — whether you’re raising kids or living your own life’s adventure. Cuz who knows how long the ride’s gonna be?

And yes, just for you I promise to flash my boobs at Violet the next time I see her. 😉

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