American beauty?

I mean, really, the last thing I spent anywhere near $700 on was snow tires, not my face or my ass.

Where do you even begin to count all the things that are wrong with that article? I mean, even if you tried to chalk every word up to satire you’d still want to bitch slap him…

(The one concession I will make is that, from what I have seen, British cougars are scarier than their North American counterparts, though no doubt they’ve got some other pithy nickname over there.)

Update: Yup, still a charmer…

3 Comments on Clearly I’ll never get a man…

  1. Too funny! We took a British friend of mine to the Stampede a couple weeks ago and we had to teach her about cougars. She said that they call them old slappers. Ouch.

  2. Gah! I had to come back and re-comment after actually reading the article. Or most of it. I started throwing up in my mouth a little about half-way through and had to stop. I do actually spend a fair bit on beauty products/treatments. But contrary to what this guy thinks, it’s to treat myself – to make me feel good, not just so I can look good for potential future husbands. I hate the stereotype that all single women over 25 are wandering around aimlessly waiting for Mr. Right to walk into our lives and make us complete!

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