At Vincenzo’s this afternoon, after securing my order I inquired as to the nature of some… brown… stuff, on the cheese board. Apparently it was, in fact, cheese. Sticky toffee cheese (some reasonably hard cheese with sticky toffee in it). Cool Dreads Guy asked if I’d like to try some. He said it was different, but not bad.

So he sliced me a bit. Certainly sticky, and softer than a cheddar, for example, but harder than a brie, or even a gouda. And sweet. Tasted a lot like cheesecake — caramel apple or that ilk.

Oddly, the perfect accompaniment for the flavours would have been… a nice, sharp cheese. 🙂

Oh, and the Dubliner I got there yesterday is yummtastic. You keep expecting it to be like an old white cheddar, and then it’s not.

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