1) A man who acknowledges PMS by tossing you Hallowe’en-size boxes of Smarties at regular intervals throughout the evening is a fine human indeed.

2) A job you don’t like is a lot like an abusive relationship. There’ll be a really crappy day, and you’ll be hellbent to get out of there — I AM SO LEAVING!!! …But then there’ll be a day that’s not so bad, and you’ll think that maybe sticking it out will be okay — after all, starting over is really hard… Except then, of course, another crappy day, or, more likely, series of crappy days comes along, and you’ll think you were smoking crack for EVER thinking that this could be okay and stay that way, and then, if you’re smart, you actually start to do something about fixing the situation and getting out of there…

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  1. Sadly, a job you do like can be a lot like that too. I actually love the work I do, but that doesn’t prevent me from having those days where I just want to throw my BlackBerry and my security pass at my boss and storm out of the building.

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