Daughter/Bride Numero Deux took custody of this magnificent specimen, now named Stretch… for vaguely obvious reasons…

This was the first sockmonkey I’ve ever made that wasn’t made out of socks, technically. That marvelous fabric is/was a pair of girl’s tights. Not the easiest to work with, given that it’s rather thinner than work socks and very stretchy (and less forgiving about hiding my pitiful sewing skillz), but it was an educational process. Plus making limbs that long for such a teeny body was good entertainment. 🙂

The Lavender Ninja was much faster to make, being considerably smaller than Stretch, but had the same cutting issues thanks to stretchiness. And holy Moses does that plush microfibre shed when you start cutting it. It was like I’d brought home a purple angora sibling for Anatole. However, when you fluff the seams a bit, it’ll hide just about any stitching sin. w00t!

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