The coffee is innocent. Leave it alone!

So as I noted almost exactly a year ago, lucky moi is registered with Homeland Security. As I may not yet have mentioned, as of recently I have, opposingly, (presumably fairly low level) Canadian government information access clearance.

Surprisingly, the former does not appear to have affected procurement of the latter, as both myself and the security dude at work suspected it would, and I didn’t even have to go get fingerprinted by the police, which I was kinda looking forward to (I would have been able to expense it!)


My most recent shipment of Peet’s arrived today, and for the first time ever, it was resealed with yellow Customs Department tape.


Perhaps… In any case, all three pounds of beans were present and intact. If they hadn’t been, it might have been necessary to open up a can of diplomatic immunity-protected whoopass along the border…

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