This was an entertaining read (while I was editing): The Nerd Handbook. Michael asked for input on the subject a little while ago in the forums, and, knowing way too much about that particular topic, I put together some thoughts. Except the thoughts ended up being scrollingly long. What can I say, when every guy you’ve ever dated fits the mold, you learn a few things…

So as I sometimes do I emailed them instead of posting them (it’s bad form to hijack forum topics with a tome). And I included a link to this. Yes, I am petty enough to let someone know when he’s reinventing the wheel. 🙂

His reply was that he wasn’t going to read the stuff I sent until he’d written his article… and that that was a compliment. Okie doke. (He’s a quirky sort, that one…)

Anyway, aside from the usual spelling clean-up, format recommendations and such, I also commented where I thought there were sections requiring more detail or clarification, and where I thought he was dead wrong on some assertions.

What was particularly awesome about one of his assertions was that HE was a perfect example of my point and embodied the exact opposite of what he’d claimed. Heh. (Thank goodness I’ve met the man, otherwise the smugness wouldn’t have been nearly so satisfying.) 🙂

I like the final article. It’s not exhaustive, by any means, but certainly a good overview. And I am particularly enjoying the comments. The reaction is exactly what I expected: a) it’s proving popular already, b) geeks/nerds are recognizing themselves, including some aspects they hadn’t been aware of before, c) companions of geeks/nerds are recognizing their significant others, and d) it’s getting forwarded to the aforementioned companions.

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