Today my boss (usually my boss’ boss, but I have no boss right now) and I had a one-on-one. My first since I arrived at the company, lo these many weeks ago.

After we talked about a LOT of crap, he wanted to add some positive stuff. So he told me his impression is that I am very articulate and very bright, and that he has no doubt that I am very politically savvy.

Not to sound to self-horn-tooty, but yes, I am, on all counts. (On count #3: honey, you have no idea…)

What’s amusing is that he and I have had very little interaction, in person, on the phone, or in email or IM. I’ve no idea what the other people on the team have been telling him, but I guess it can’t be all bad…

Now if only any part of that meeting actually made any difference… (it doesn’t). Le sigh.

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