The other day my upstairs neighbour, She Who Smokes, caught me as I was coming home, and said she wanted to mention that they would be having a party today. I said that was cool, since I’m pretty hard to disturb. (My family are the kings of ridiculous ambient noise.)

She said it would be during the day, anyway, and that they were celebrating her birthday and Remembrance Day. Umm, okay. Never heard of Remembrance Day being celebrated before, but hey, her husband is pretty Slavic, and they know their dour.

Then she said they’d be watching a movie, and it was 10 hours long or something. More umm. What movies are 10 hours long? Documentaries and dramatic series, I guess…

Wouldn’t you just be wetting your pants to get that invitation? “Come celebrate my birthday! We’re going to sit around all day and into the evening watching The War. Cake and ice cream provided!”

Update: Okay, so I was kidding, but based on the level and type of noise emanating from upstairs, they’re totally watching a war flick. 🙂 However, based on the smell immediately inside the front door, down the stairs, in the area outside my apartment, and now filtering into my apartment, the only thing they’re serving is cigarettes. By the gross. BLECH.

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