It’s always good times when you can screw with companies’ data mining and targeted marketing practices. One of my favourites for this is Amazon and their recommendations.

The latest batch includes works about Firefly, Pride and Prejudice, and art in Buffy, two children’s books — one about a cat and the other about underwater adventures, and two hardcover versions of comic series that I’ve never heard of — a la Absolute Sandman, but not (though Volume II of that is out now…).

Thing is, these purchases excellently reflect my interests in books that I buy FOR OTHER PEOPLE. In this case Sherry, Andrew, Kim, and Cadence. Yes, I suppose this could be considered a good move to get me thinking about Christmas presents in a similar vein to last year’s and whatnot. And really, one can never have too much Whedon or Gaiman.

Of course, none of these recommendations can touch the email I received telling me how interesting I might find a book for Christian new fathers. 🙂

Hmm… maybe shoulda bought that one just to see my brother’s reaction…

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