This morning there was enough frost on my car that I had to pop the trunk, retrieve the snowbrush, and scrape the windows. (The defroster took care of the windshield and back window.)

First time this season, first time for this car, I know it’s November, and it still makes me grouchy.

And yes, when it was 30C a couple weeks ago, I groused about that, too. And when I have to pay for a set of winter tires and rims shortly (Dad’s hunting down deals now…), I’ll kvetch about that, too.

I. Am. Canadian. 🙂

1 Comment on i can has October back please? kthxbye

  1. I hear you. I actually considered turning the heat on this morning but I don’t believe in turning on the heat when one pays the heating bill oneself. I believe in wearing layers of wool and keeping busy. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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