Don’t make any sudden movements…

Today at work was one of those days that terrifies me. Everything went right.

[cue Psycho violins]

Given the fresh and rapidly ageing hells I’ve been mired in, a day like today can only make you paranoid. Really paranoid.

We got through the test cases for the first time.

I got new data that made previously unpossible test cases work.

People proactively came to me to give me information about other projects that brought me right up to speed, when I haven’t even had time to get myself into those projects yet.

And practically every friggin’ person I’ve ever met at that company messaged me to ask how things are going or if I needed anything.

You see where I would become paralyzed with fear about what tomorrow might hold…

That said: Dear Universe: I am working Friday and Saturday nights this weekend, and the November 24th weekend, and the December 1st weekend, and the December 8th weekend. SO WE ARE NOWHERE FUCKING NEAR EVEN.

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